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  • Zhejiang Guoyu Transmission Technology Co., Ltd. is a limited company established in 2003 (formerly Wenzhou Naibao Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.).

    Located in Wenzhou, Zhejiang, an industrial province. The company is committed to the research and development, production, manufacture and sales of transmission equipment, the main products are reducer, non-standard reducer, gear box, transmission, planetary reducer, steering gear, transmission and other motor reducer equipment.

    Machinery, animal husbandry machinery, medical machinery, advertising equipment, electronic instruments and three-dimensional garage and so on. Has passed the national compulsory product certification.

    (3C certification), European CE certification, ISO900:2000 quality system certification, special equipment certification for stereo garage, etc.

    Adhering to the tenet of "high technology, high quality and high reputation", the company has been committed to the path of self-development and self-development. We welcome the country warmly.

    New and old friends from home and abroad come to visit our company for guidance. We look forward to shaking hands with you and working together to create a brilliant future.

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